Seamless Firestone EPDM Rubbercover roofing in Leeds

rclogotm.jpgFirestone Rubbercover is a remarkable roofing material, not least because it can be fully cut to size, meaning no seams or joins whatsoever: a perfect material for flat roofs. It's tremendously flexible and has a life in excess of 40 years - incredible for any man-made roofing material.

Why fit a Firestone rubbercover roof?

A Firestone Rubbercover roof is enormously flexible and, as you would expect with a rubberised material, it easily bends with no stress. This means that it follows the contours of your roof excellently, no matter what shape the roof is. Furthermore, it can stretch with up to 300% elongation, remains unaffected by extremes of temperature and won't tear, split or crack with age.

  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Your roof will have no seams or joints so remains fully waterproof
  • It's rot-proof, frost-proof and is hugely resistant to ageing
  • The roof's elasticity means that the rubber won't rip or tear if the roof moves
  • There is no need to use any post-fit surface protection (i.e. stone chippings)
  • The whole thing has a 40 + years life expectancy

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